Clos Centeilles ‘C de Centeilles’

April 27, 2018

Clos Centeilles ‘C de Centeilles’

A fresh, versatile, palate-pleasing blend of extremely rare grapes that’s sure to wow any crowd
Producer: Clos Centeilles
Region: Minervois, Languedoc-Roussilon, France
Grapes: Picpoul Noir, Rivierenc Noir, Morestel Noir à Jus Blanc, Œillade
Price: $23
In Brief
Lighter Body, Crowd-pleasing
Flavors: Red cherry, currants, raspberry
Pairing: Roast chicken, salmon, goat cheese
The Wine
Brilliant ruby-red in the glass, with a nose chock-full of ripe red berry fruit. The palate is all cherry and raspberry fruit, but a slightly herbal edge gives away this wine’s rustic terroir. Fresh and juicy, with low tannin and vibrant acidity. A surefire hit and total palate pleaser at any dinner party, this is also an excellent red to pair with fatty fish like salmon, or a simple roast chicken dinner.
The Story
Though she trained in the famous vineyards of Bordeaux, winemaker Patricia Boyer-Domergue is a champion of Southwestern France’s many near-forgotten grapes, from Riveirenc Noir to Œillade. Almost immediately upon her arrival in the little region of Minervois in 1990, she started planting whatever ancient varieties she could get her hands on; today, she’s one of the area’s most regarded grape historians, and her distinct, terroir-driven wines are coveted by sommeliers and her fellow winemakers alike.
Her ‘C de Centeilles’ wine is a blend of four of Minervois’ truly rare native varieties: Piquepoul Noir, Riveirenc Noir, Morestel Noir à Jus Blanc, and Œillade. This humble wine is the culmination of her lifetime of work, and it’s a remarkable expression of a winemaking legacy that was all but left behind.

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