Dehesa La Granja Tempranillo

December 06, 2018

Dehesa La Granja Tempranillo

Well structured, exhibiting evolved earthy complexity and lively dark fruit intermingled with subtle spice

Producer: Alejandro Fernández
Region: Castilla y León, Spain
Grapes: Tempranillo|

In Brief
Fuller Body, Earthy
Flavors: Ripe blackberries, vanilla, cigar box, licorice
Pairings: Lamb, beef, hard cheeses, cigars

The Story
Tinto de Pesquera. Condado de Haza. These are the stuff of legend. They are also the most notable properties of acclaimed winemaker, Alejandro Fernández. Fernández and his family are synonymous with the mono-varietal Tempranillo wines (locally dubbed Tinto del País) from Ribera del Duero. Favoring properties with diverse agriculture and rich biodiversity, his Estates are each essentially working farms that ALSO happen to produce world-class grapes for making world-class wines.

The Dehesa La Granja estate found in the Castilla y Léon commune of Zamora is just 100 miles southwest of Ribera del Duero. The property is a sprawling 800 hectares (1976 acres) in size with 150 hectares dedicated to Tempranillo vineyards stretching along the banks of the Guareña River. Picturesque and perfectly situated, the estate has turned out to be a dream location for producing wines of terrific depth and character that go hand-in-hand with the regional cuisine of chickpea stew, beef, lamb, olive oil and goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses - all of which are cultivated and produced on the farm. Sustainable in every sense of the word, Dehesa La Granja is not just a wine it is a magical place with a magical way of life.

The Wine

Legendary winemaker, Alejandro Fernández' most recent venture, Dehesa La Granja is located just south of Toro and southwest of Ribera del Duero in north-central Spain. Free from the constraints and comparatively expensive real estate of these well-known D.O.’s (Denomination of Origin), in Castilla y Léon, Fernández has free-reign to produce rich Tempranillo-based wines with loads of depth and complexity owing special thanks to the fact he holds his wines at the winery for no fewer than 5 years before release. This results in Dehesa La Granja’s ‘current vintage’ being a few years older than the norm and EVERYONE is better for it. Exotic layers of mushroom, licorice and cigar box intertwined with deep blackberry fruit kissed by a little oak; the result is stunning.

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