Ulacia Txakolina de Getaria Rose

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Producer: Ulacia
Region: Basque
Country: Spain
Grapes: 50% Hondarrabi Zuri, 50% Hondarrabi Beltza

In Brief
Light Body, Lively
Green Strawberry, Rose Petal, Chalk

Appearing pale pink in the glass, with just a touch of fizz, this wine is a party in a bottle. The nose is all chalk, watermelon candy and tart white strawberry, with a slightly floral edge. On the palate, the tickle of effervescence is grounded by serious acidity in lock-step with a strong mineral backbone. If you can find a porrón, the game is to pour directly into a fellow reveler’s mouth from the highest height around, whether that’s just an extended arm, from atop a bar, or, if you’re fancy, from a balcony. If there’s no porrón to be found, enjoy this with good friends and back porches on a warm night.

Julian and Maia Ulacia believe wine-making doesn’t need to be complicated – just enjoyable and delicious! They’re located in a simple winery above the fishing port of Getaria, along the coast from San Sebastian. They utilize three generations of wine-making tradition, a single pneumatic press, and two rows of stainless steel tanks to produce some of the highest quality Txakoli around!

“Txakoli” (pronounced cha’-kō-lee) is a wine unique to the Basque region of northern Spain. Ulacia has an advantage over their neighboring producers, creating incredible wines of ripeness and concentration.