Ulacia Txakolina de Getaria Rose

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Producer: Ulacia
Region: Basque
Country: Spain
Grapes: 50% Hondarrabi Zuri, 50% Hondarrabi Beltza

In Brief
Light Body, Lightly Effervescent

, Wild Herbs, Mineral

50% Hondarrabi Zuri, 50% Hondarrabi Beltza (native grapes you won’t find anywhere else!) Delicately effervescent, with notes of fresh watermelon and strawberry, this wine ignites the palate with bold acidity. The ideal aperitif. Get ready to be refreshed!

Julian and Maia Ulacia believe wine-making doesn’t need to be complicated – just enjoyable and delicious! They’re located in a simple winery above the fishing port of Getaria, along the coast from San Sebastian. They utilize three generations of wine-making tradition, a single pneumatic press, and two rows of stainless steel tanks to produce some of the highest quality Txakoli around!

“Txakoli” (pronounced cha’-kō-lee) is a wine unique to the Basque region of northern Spain. Ulacia has an advantage over their neighboring producers, creating incredible wines of ripeness and concentration.