Domaine de l'Idylle Arbin Mondeuse, 2016

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“Vibrant and layered, with loads of complexity.”
—Todd Lipman, (fmr) Head Sommelier @Bistro du Midi, Wine Director for Nantucket and Newport Wine Festivals


  • Medium Body
  • Balanced, Perfumed
  • Flavors: Wild Berry, Sandalwood, Mineral


A beautiful, ruby color in the glass, the nose first shows notes of blue and purple fruits—blueberry, blackberry, plum skin. After a minute or two, a nuanced, herbal complexity begins to show, and sandalwood, anise seed, and floral notes take hold. The tannin is present but integrated. Wet stone minerality creates a backbone for the complex fruit and herbal notes, calling to mind this wine’s Alpine origins. Lipman suggests drinking this with lighter grilled fare from burgers to bavette, softer cheeses , or sausage.


This wine brings us to Alpine territory, and it's vibrant cool-climate reds. Hailing from Savoie, a small region in the foothills of the French Alps, it’s made from 100% Mondeuse [say: mawn-DOOZE], a thick-skinned red grape native to the crags and cliffs of this mountainous region. It’s a grape that can show big, burly tannins, but this particular producer chooses to utilize a method known as carbonic maceration to help keep those grippy textures in check. Most famously used in the production of wines from Beaujolais, carbonic maceration eschews the grape press, instead allowing the fruit to crush under its own weight. Tannin tends to live in the skin of the grape, so the gentler juice extraction process releases less tannin into the wine, promoting the expression of fruit notes instead.


Producer: Domaine de l'Idylle
Country: France
Region: Savoie
Composition: 100% Mondeuse