Eva Fricke, Rheingau Riesling QbA Trocken

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Producer: Eva Fricke
Region: Rheingau
Country: Germany
Grapes: Riesling

In Brief
Lighter, Awakening
Juicy, white peach, lemon verbena

This is the Riesling to pour to someone who thinks that they don't like Riesling. It's a cuvée of 3 different villages in the Rheingau region. This area of Germany has ideal climate and soil for growing Riesling with gentle slopes overlooking the Rhine River. Eva makes sure to showcase this through this dry (Trocken) expression because her intention is to make clear and concentrated wines that reveal each vintages' nuances. It is fermented in stainless steel and spends 6 months on the lees after fermentation. We can go into detail on the apple and peach aromas you get from this wine, but as Kristie and Haley say, it is an electrifing wine that wakes you right up. Definitely the caffeine of white wines.