Gradis'Ciutta, Collio Friulano

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Producer: Gradis'ciutta
Region: Collio DOC
Country: Italy
Varietals: Friulano

In Brief
Lighter Body 
Pear, Orange Blossom, Chamomile

Up in the hills within the region of Lombardy lie a group of hills known as Collio. Within that range is a small town called San Floriano del Collio, which is the home of winery Gradis’ciutta. This area is peculiar for its fusion of Italian, Slovenian and Austrian cultures. Like most high-elevation sites, there is a sharp day-night change that is ideal for layered, well-structured white wines.
The soil in this area plays a big role in what ends up in the bottle. The touch of salty, minerality is coming from “ponca” or layers of marl and sandstone.
What we know as Friulano was originally known as Tocai Friulano, however as of 2007 the name was officially banned from labels. Hungarians successfully argued that the market might confuse Tocai Friulano with their legendary, golden dessert wine.