Pascal Janvier, Cuvée du Rosier, Coteaux du Loir

Pascal Janvier, Cuvée du Rosier, Coteaux du Loir

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“Light and aromatic—It makes you want to take another sip, another bite.”
—Todd Lipman, (fmr) Head Sommelier @Bistro du Midi, Wine Director for Nantucket and Newport Wine Festivals


  • Light Body 
  • Aromatic, Perfumed, Bright
  • Flavors: Grapefruit Strawberry Pepper


In the glass, the wine appears just red enough to qualify. “It's lighter in color,” Lipman says. “People might misconstrue it as being lighter in flavor. It is anything but.” Right he is. The nose is full of rustic, forest-driven notes like cedar, sandalwood, and violet. The palate shows more fruit—wild strawberry and ripe grapefruit, with balanced acidity and a long, peppery finish. Lipman suggests tackling the elusive red-wine-with-fish pairing here, or keeping it traditional with a plate of charcuterie and goat cheese.


Winemaker Pascal Janvier is a traditionalist to the extreme, so it makes sense that this wine is made entirely from an ancient grape called Pineau d’Aunis [say: peen-oh doh-NEESE]. This light-skinned, red varietal is difficult to cultivate, only thriving in one place in the world—Touraine, a small subzone of the central Loire Valley. Today, there are only around 1,100 acres of vines planted to Pineau d’Aunis, compared to the nearly 22,000 acres of Pinot Noir planted in Burgundy alone. And while this rare beauty is often overshadowed by more popular Loire varieties like Cabernet Franc and Gamay, barrel upon barrel was shipped to England in the 13th century, as the light, aromatic wines were favored by King Henry III.


Producer: Pascal Janvier
Country: France
Region: Coteaux du Loir, Touraine, Loire Valley
Composition: 100% Pineau d'Aunis