Quady 'Electra' Moscato

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Fuller bodied and delicately sweet. A dessert wine with the slightest hint of effervescence. 
Soft floral and orange-oil flavors make this a perfect match for apple or pumpkin pies, other fruit-based desserts, and sweeter dishes like candied yams.  

Descriptors like "pretty blush orange with a little frizzante-like spritz" and "super food friendly" paint a pretty vivid picture as to what this delicately sweet wine brings to the table. Predominantly produced from an all but extinct mutation of the Muscat grape in California, this 80% Orange Muscat and 20% Muscat Canelli blend is as visually stimulating as it is enlivening to the senses. Explosive aromas reticent of orange zest, orange blossom and white flowers leap out of the glass while the wine’s balanced acidity and light effervescence serve to brighten up the palate, making this perennial crowd-pleaser “easy”, “crushable”, and the “perfect pie wine”. Think northern Italy, in the warm, southern California sunshine!